How we sold refrigerators and washing machines through social networks!

Service: Targeted advertising in social networks

Subject: Home appliances – refrigerators, freezers, washing machines

Budget for the entire promotion: $10,288.98

Region: Ukraine

Audience: 18+

Як ми продавали холодильники та пралки через соціальні мережі!

What goals were set before us?

We started working with this client UA (let’s call it that, you know confidentiality, all business) back in 2012, the topic, at first glance, is quite widespread, but at the same time it has its own peculiarities in promotion.

Our main task was the conversion (simply – sale) of household appliances through advertising in social networks.

Advertising in social networks (Target) – this is any paid content in the network of social platforms. From a one-time advertising message to a full-scale campaign with large budgets.

Social networks have long become an effective platform for business promotion. People spend an average of about an hour here every day. Thanks to the targeting capabilities, it is very easy to find exactly your buyer.

The principle of targeted advertising in social networks is to select your target audience and create an advertisement in such a way as to interest them.

The main thing in this method of promotion is consistency and clarity of actions. After all, one wrong step and the entire advertising campaign will be ineffective.

What was done?

Як ми продавали холодильники та пралки через соціальні мережі!

First of all, an advertising cabinet was created in Facebook Ads Manager (Meta).

Since our client is a large appliance company and has a website, we needed to install the FB pixel code on the website. This is done so that when advertising is launched, we can monitor the effectiveness of advertising campaign events. Be sure to test the accuracy and correctness of event tracking before running the ad.

Next, we directly proceeded to the creation of the advertising campaign itself and performed a number of actions:

  • We chose the goal of the campaign (depending on what we wanted to get – brand recognition, conversions, lead generation, site traffic, etc.). In our case, it was mainly catalog sales, conversions, promotion of promotional posts, subscription to Instagram.
  • They set the budget (according to the previously agreed monthly budget).
  • What type of events to track – clicks, impressions, purchases.
  • Since they were promoting catalog sales, they pre-configured the catalog of products.
  • An important step is the correct selection of targeting – geolocation, age, gender, language and detailed targeting (audience selection).
  • Don’t forget about attribution settings
  • Places of placement were chosen – FB feed and Instagram, stories, “interesting” tab…
  • Next came the creative part – we checked the creatives from the client for matching sizes for each location, dies (if any). Headings, text part were checked.
  • Also important were the links (marked URLs for tracking in analytics) where the ad leads (call to action).
  • Performance analysis. Weekly mini reports on the results and provided recommendations for improving the indicators. They did not forget about the monthly report.

Having completed all the above-mentioned points, we launched advertising. Of course, each advertising campaign had its own individual settings.

What result did we get?

We worked with the UA client for 10 years (we started with ppc and seo), so we were able to thoroughly study all aspects. Which product and in what period was it better to start advertising. For example, from mid-spring to the end of September was the season for refrigerators and freezers, and from mid-autumn to early spring, washing machines sold better.

In the initial period from May 2019 to December 2019, we obtained the following results:

  • 13,311 users who switched from advertising in social networks, 60 transactions for a total amount of UAH 414,548.67. And the conversion rate was 0.49%. The budget spent on advertising was $2,137.92.

Як ми продавали холодильники та пралки через соціальні мережі!

For the entire period of advertising activity in social networks from May 2019 to February 2022, the general picture is as follows:

  • 63,373 users, 353 transactions in the amount of UAH 3,138,652.67, and the conversion rate was 0.43%, the total advertising budget was $10,288.98. In the screenshot below, we can observe the changes that occurred due to various reasons, such as seasonality, world events. However, we always found a solution in any situation and adapted to the situation.

Як ми продавали холодильники та пралки через соціальні мережі!

The main task that we set before ourselves and noted above is conversions through advertising in social networks. We coped with the task, as evidenced by the indicators and many years of joint work.

Anastasia Tereshchenko



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