Advertising on Google Ads – how to write a super effective!

Advertising on Google Ads

Super effective advertising on Google Ads is simple or not?

Although creating text ads is fairly simple, creating high-performance text ads is much more difficult. You will need to write a persuasive message, include keywords and a call to action, telling potential customers why they should click and what they should do when they get to your site — all in a very succinct form of advertising text. Fortunately, there are several excellent techniques for creating high-performance texts.

How to create the best ad

Below are five proven tactics and tips that you can use to write awesome ads in Google Ads. They will give you these benefits:

  • increase your clickthrough rate on your ideal client;
  • improve quality;
  • will increase the conversion.

The goal is for potential customers to know that you are around the corner and are ready to help at any time.

1. The more informative your advertising in Google Ads, the more convincing it will be

The availability of useful information – the main key to successful advertising. The more specifically you write, the more believable you become, the more chances you have to become successful.

No one likes vague ads. People want to know exactly what they get when they click on an ad. Users should immediately understand whether you are offering exactly what they are looking for. Along with this, by creating very specific ads, the cost per click may decrease if relevance contributes to an increase in the quality score. Saving money and increasing clicks is really the best value when it comes to text advertising.

Be specific. Suppose you are an online jewelry retailer and are selling a beautiful diamond bracelet for $ 1,897. Instead of specifying a bracelet for $ 1,900 or less than $ 2,000, specify the exact price.

Do not force your potential customers to guess how your product or service can help them. Give them exactly what they want and watch the clicks and conversions begin to grow.

2. Deficiency

The less accessible something is, the more likely it is that people will want it.

This can work in one of two ways:

  • Limited quantity.
  • Limited time.

Although this is a classic principle that has proven to be highly effective, it should also be approached carefully. Lack of work only as an advertising tactic, when something really is not enough.

Скидки в рекламе

If your strategy is that a 30% “once a month” discount, don’t be surprised if the advertising text that says “hurry up, end soon!” Will quickly become ineffective.

However, for events such as the annual sale, the Black Friday event or the grand opening, which do not really last long, use this move for your promotional purposes.

3. Beat the competition

As an advertiser, you must find your place in a competitive market in order to properly position your product or service in advertising.

For example:

  • You are local and in the community, but your competitors are not.
  • You are more expensive, but independent quality assessments and reviews show that you are better.
  • When someone leaves a message, you call back (there may be a difference in the service industry if you keep this promise).
  • A competitor has a wide reach, while your decision is only suitable for a certain segment (but for this segment your decision is really the only correct one).

There is always something that gives you an edge, and that is all advertising on google ads.

Customers are selfish and are not going to buy from you unless you solve their specific needs.

4. Be empathetic

“Talk about what THEY want, and SHOW them how to get it.” – Dale Carnegie.

Реклама, увеличение продаж

Think about your buyer’s behavior. In the end, you are more likely to be able to buy from someone who has demonstrated that he understands your needs and makes it easier for you to meet them.

Here is the advertising on google ads.

In the end, the better you can put yourself in the place of the audience you intend to reach, the more likely you are to meet their needs.

5. Make your advertising special

In the sea of search results, it is difficult to make sure that your ad will be noticed if you are too interested in advertising on Google Ads to match search queries. It is important to include at least one of the keywords in your text, but there are ways to structure your ads so that they seem more interesting and attractive.

To really highlight your ad, you should always try to highlight what makes your product or service uncommon. When you come up with advertisements, see what competitors are doing and make sure your ads are unique.

Your ad and landing page (Advertising on Google Ads) need to have a powerful call to action. Your potential customers do not have much time. They instantly go to other pages, as they need quick answers. Therefore, we must immediately get down to business, until they run away somewhere.

Маркетинг стратегия

You now have ammunition to make your ads on Google (Advertising on Google Ads) the most magnificent in the world. Remember that there is no universal approach, and the results will vary depending on your audience, market, product and time.

Planning and setting up contextual advertising on Google Ads is only half the battle. The other half optimize your campaign as soon as it becomes active. Even the best, most perfectly tuned campaign will ultimately fail if it is not properly managed.

You think it will be easy. Just a few dozen words, a couple hundred characters or so. And yet it takes all day. Order contextual advertising on Google Ads in our online marketing agency. Our team consists of PPC experts. Remember the tough competition in this niche. Accurately “adjusted” audience targeting will optimize costs and increase the profitability of an advertising campaign.

Advertising on Google Ads – we told you how to write super effective advertising, now it’s up to you!!