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Analysis of the effectiveness of invested funds – call tracking is a must have.

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Call tracking is a technology for identifying call sources. Interacts with web analytics systems, collects information about phone calls. The system replaces the number and shows the site visitor a replacement. After the call, call tracking compares the alternate number and from which advertising channel the client came. As a result, you get detailed information about calls and their advertising sources.

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What is call tracking

The definition of call sources was engaged before the term call tracking. Offline advertising on television, on the radio, on the fence, on bulletin boards has always been accompanied by the allocation of a phone number in order to understand which ads were called and which source of advertising is more effective.

How call tracking works

The work of call tracking (call tracking) for ordinary people (here we had to write a marketer) we explain this way – it is a substitution of the phone number we need on the site depending on the source / channel from which the user came to the site (we will talk about online business). Here is an example of source / channel and user interaction:

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Advantages of Call tracking

  • Understanding the return on investment in advertising
  • Optimization of investments in advertising
  • Sales department control
  • Improving the quality and level of service
  • Call details
  • Improving the level of professionalism of managers
  • Transfer call data to other systems
  • Data analysis in Google Analytics
  • Integration of call tracking with CRM

Types of call tracking


Types of call tracking

  1. Static

In static call tracking, a unique phone number is assigned to a specific advertising channel, whether offline or online advertising, a specific source of traffic or a UTM tag. Thus, visitors who came to the site on the billboard will see one number, and those who came from the Facebook page – another, who used search engines Google or Yandex – the third. After analyzing the statistics, you can understand which of the advertising channels leads to more customers.

The disadvantage of this technology is the inability to fully track the path traveled by the user to the call. Only the last source of advertising from which the call was made is stored in the statistics.

Static call-tracking is best suited for offline advertising, which does not require in-depth analysis:

  • print and outdoor advertising;
  • contacts in social networks and cartographic services;
  • advertising at various events, souvenirs;
  • advertising on TV, in the media.
  1. Dynamic

In dynamic call tracking, the site visitor is assigned a specific phone number that the user sees. It is valid as long as the customer is on the site and even some time after he leaves the page. Due to this, the system correlates the number being called with the corresponding session of a particular user and records the information on the call.

This type of call tracking collects a lot of analytical data and is usually more expensive than static. Dynamic call-tracking allows you to track the entire path of the user from the moment of entering the site and before he makes a call, while collecting a lot of different information:

  • the keyword you switched to;
  • the source from which the transition was made;
  • banner, announcement;
  • UTM tags;
  • browser name;
  • landing page;
  • type of traffic, etc.

All this makes the tool indispensable when working with contextual advertising and other online sources of advertising.

This type of call tracking requires a large number of phone numbers if the site has many visitors at the same time. But the analysis of the data obtained in this way will be more complete and in-depth.

  1. Combined

The combined system involves the use of the two types of call tracking listed above simultaneously. It is used in cases where the company uses several types of advertising, and some channels do not require perfect statistics. For example, for offline sources use static view, and for online advertising – dynamic. Thanks to this combination, you can use much fewer dedicated phone numbers than with dynamic call tracking.

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Works within the framework of providing call tracking service

  1. Consultation and choice of call tracking system for the client
  2. Installing the system on the site and setting goals in Google Analytics
  3. Help integrate the call tracking system with the CRM already used by the client
  4. Concluding an agreement on confidential information
  5. Preparation of recommendations for optimization of business processes based on the information received from calls
  6. Regular analysis of the effectiveness of the use of advertising channels

The cost for call tracking services per month is 200 dollars.

Optimize your advertising investment with call analytics!

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