How a Ads contextual paid off in a month or how we promoted a bulletin board

How a Ads contextual paid off in a month

Google Ads contextual advertising service with a user-friendly interface and a wide range of different tools to effectively promote any project. We want to share a successful case study on contextual advertising from our practice. A client contacted us at an agency to set up contextual advertising for online bulletin boards. At the time of the call, the service had strong competition in the Ukrainian market. To ensure competitiveness and target audience growth, it was necessary to find a niche in Ukraine and international website promotion.

Case “Contextual Ads Google Ads”

kejs kontekstnaya reklama

Customer: Board AddNew.Biz.

This is an international platform for private free announcements of goods and services. Customer site – https://addnew.biz/.

Service: Contextual advertising Google Ads (Adwords).

Region – Ukraine, Russia.

Audience: Individuals and companies.

Work period: from June 19 to July 12, 2019.

The budget for all time promotion: 800 UAH.
  1. Adding ads to the board.
  2. Traffic monetization.
  3. Bringing traffic at the lowest possible cost.


How it all worked before: it is not known, the client collaborated with another company.

How we acted

 the flowers

It was decided to advertise on the entire territory of Ukraine and Russia, which covers Google. Do not exclude the regions of Donetsk and Lugansk. This gave us the opportunity to use the keys almost without competition, because this area is usually in exceptions.


So that the funds do not go nowhere, we:

  • carefully selected requests for advertising;
  • chose keys with the lowest available rates;
  • did not use narrowly targeted keywords, but maximally expanded the niche.

podbor klyuchej v kontekstnoj reklame


From 19.06.19 to 12.07.19 – 4,277 clicks for 0.18 UAH. with a CTR of 4.42%. First, we chose the limit of the bet – 40 kopeks with a subsequent decrease. Without loss of transitions, it was possible to reduce to 15 kopecks.


Chart how many users came, and how much income was received for this period.

Grafik skolko prishlo polzovatelej i dohod

For 23 days of promotion, advertising has almost reached the level of payback.

sozdanie kontekstnoj reklamy

Helped us achieve such results:

  • competent advertising setting;
  • high-quality and unique content with scrupulously selected keys;
  • purposeful work of the consolidated team.


The client promptly prepared and provided the necessary materials and useful information.


Our agency is always aware of all the innovations of the Google search engine, so customers are given the opportunity to apply a unique strategy that brings results. In the services section you can order contextual advertising Google Ads of your site. Invest in advertising with OURS.AGENCY – and every penny invested will bring you profit!

Nastya Razdobreeva



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