Google Ads

Контекстная реклама в Google Ads

Contextual advertising Google Ads (Adwords) is the best and fastest way to attract targeted visitors to your site. But you can not rush, so as not to merge the advertising budget of the island of Madagascar (joke).

Before the start of advertising activity, we carefully examine and conduct an audit of your business in order to identify the points of conversion of visitors into buyers of your services. We will also begin our collaboration with the installation and configuration of analytics systems, namely Google Analytics, Tag Manager, which will not only track every transition, but also effectively use your advertising budget.

To track the effectiveness and optimization of advertising campaigns, we will recommend and insist on installing the system of call tracking Ringostat.

From 280$

How it works?
1 We coordinate advertising campaign goals and audience
2 We select key requests and placements
3 Create advertisements and banners
4 Customize Tag manager, Google Analytics
5 We optimize RK and provide reports