How in 3 months we created 616 backlinks to an online store of a narrow topic

seo promotion of an online store Surikat


Service: SEO promotion.

The customer - a narrowly themed online store of a Ukrainian manufacturer of backpacks and bags.

The customer's website - https://surikat.ua/.

Budget for the entire promotion period: 1 672 dollars.
Promotion region: Ukraine. 

Audience: young men and women, children who lead an active lifestyle, who appreciate comfort, 
while striving to look fashionable and stylish. 

Started working: 01.06. 2019. 

Finished: 30.08.2019. 
What goals were set?
закупка вечных ссылок

This project was planned for 3 months. The client ordered a package of services for the purchase of eternal links and increasing the link mass.


Today, many SEO-optimizers and site owners make very simple and gross mistakes in link promotion. And very often we are contacted by clients with loss of traffic after inappropriate advertising links. We needed to try to create as many quality and natural links as possible for search engines.


Links affect rankings more than any other factor: Google recently announced that backlinks are one of their top ranking signals that your site is a quality resource. Therefore, websites with a high content of quality links tend to earn higher search engine rankings.

Нам нужно было постараться

Promotion of the site with the help of buying links provides a real opportunity:

  • increase the authority of the site;
  • increase brand recognition;
  • take a place in the top search engines;
  • attract customers;
  • overtake competitors.


The growth of links should have been smooth. Otherwise, search engines would react negatively to the “explosion”. And in some cases, the site could initially receive a sharp jump in traffic, but after 2-3 weeks there would be a sharp drop.

What did you do
что сделали

In order to return the organic traffic that was lost due to poor link building, we carried out the following actions:

  1. We drew up an anchor list for external placements.
  2. Appropriate referral donors were selected.
  3. Compiled technical specifications for texts for external placements.
  4. Wrote texts for publication on external resources.
  5. Posted articles on external sites (media and thematic sites).
  6. Tasks have been prepared for posting on forums (crowd).
  7. Crowd posts were posted.
  8. Increased the number of links.
  9. Posts were posted on the boards.
  10. Seeding of links with text on external resources was carried out.
  11. Placement in catalogs was carried out.
  12. Increased the number of links using social signals.


In addition to permalinks purchased from exchanges, we also posted links and mentions on forums and sites where comments are allowed.

качественные обратные ссылки

All these standard methods made it possible to increase traffic by 4.5 times in three months.


We started work when there were 91 donor domains, 174 donor pages. And after our intervention, there were 218 donor domains, 790 donor pages.

Результат работы

As a result of our activities, Google’s trust in the site increased, and it began to rank well.


Important factors for obtaining a positive result were:

  • sequence;
  • time;
  • methods used.


Using quality backlinks can give great results for your business as well. Stick to the basics and don’t try to outsmart search engines by deviating from established rules. By following the correct steps recommended by our agency, you will also be able to get the desired effect.

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