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Crowd marketing is a way of communicating with the target audience, the task of which is to increase interest in a particular brand or product. Literally, this is a massive involvement of CA in the company’s products: from the English crowd translates as “crowd”, and marketing – “sale” or “sale”.

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In crowd marketing, links to the site are placed on social networks, blogs, forums, questionnaires and answering services. And not just leave the links, but make them the most relevant “design”: talk about the product, recommend it, talk about their experience and so on. They do everything so that the message looks like a comment from a buyer satisfied with the product.

The main goals of crowd marketing

  • Increasing the visibility of the company, services, products in the target audience
  • Increasing the influx of potential buyers to the site
  • Improving the behavioral characteristics of the site

Ours Agency generates and manages tools such as, reviews, brand recommendations, services, resources and so on.

Crowd marketing is not about feedback, but about creating demand and attracting new audiences. It is also used for new products, which in principle no one to tell. Crowd can be seen as helping and informing potential buyers.

Like any internet marketing tool, crowd technology has its advantages.

The main advantages

  • Targeted traffic to the site. Through native discussion of the company’s products or the brand itself, the advertiser gets an interested audience on the site. In addition, real and detailed feedback or recommendations increase the loyalty of potential customers – that is, growing confidence in the brand and products.
  • Positive reputation of the company. With a competent approach to crowd marketing technologies, you can create a positive image of the brand and its products in the minds of consumers. Reviews and recommendations, discussions on forums and social networks increase the trust of users, warm up the desire to buy or order a product. However, companies need to meet the “sculpted” image, otherwise crowd marketing will start to work in the red – the outflow of customers and reduced trust.
  • Promotion of individual pages of goods, services or promotions. With the help of crowd-marketing tools, you can purposefully drive traffic to specific pages of the site. For example, create a Landing Page of a product / service and post reviews on thematic sites online. This is one of the cheapest ways to test CA’s interest in the product.
  • Improving the naturalness of advertising. Today, search engines are rapidly grasping the methods of promotion associated with link growth. The main “jamb” of most technologies is the obsession with advertising offers. The modern user is tired of intrusive sentences such as “follow the link. The solution lies in increasing the native advertising messages themselves. That is, posts, reviews, recommendations should speak the language of the target audience and naturally interest in the product.

Crowd marketing startup algorithm

  1. We are looking for a thematic blog, forum, community or website where topics, products or services similar to yours are discussed. In 95% of cases, such a resource is inhabited by the target audience. Important point, see the history of records. If the updates were long ago, the “patient” is more dead than alive.
  2. We create the most natural text of the message. Each site needs its own unique post. It is forbidden to repeat. In the text we emphasize the usefulness of the material and the natural presentation of information in the language of the audience. As naturally as possible, we publish links to the site of the product or company. We do not use the technique of HUNDRED – a call to action. Remember, crowdfunding is not contextual advertising. That is, the motivation for the transition must follow from the logic of the text.
  3. We place a post with a link to the site. We participate in discussions, filter the negative. Get used to the fact that you are not one crowd marketer on the platform. Immediately fight for customers and your competitors. Most often, the fight is not according to the rules. Many hire haters who negatively discuss any of your posts. The only reassurance is that streams of “dirt” can be used by smart marketers to increase the loyalty of adequate users of the site.

Posting the necessary information is very smooth (only on thematic forums and other communities that were initially interested in a given topic). The technique of crowd marketing does not involve the placement of direct hyperlinks (although this is also possible). Campaigning is done by creating motivation, mentioning the object of marketing and so on.

Services of posting mentions on forums and conducting communications in branches. Crowd – from 10 mentions on forums – from 20 dollars(from 2 dollars 1 mention).

To obtain initial information about your request, we have prepared a detailed BRIEF that will help us understand your business.

ChatGPT about crowd marketing:

Crowd marketing is a marketing strategy that involves leveraging the power of social media and online communities to promote a brand or product. The idea is to tap into the existing networks of customers and followers to create a buzz around a particular product or service.

Crowd marketing typically involves engaging with online communities, such as forums, social media groups, or blogs, and building relationships with the members of these communities. Brands can use a variety of tactics to engage with these communities, such as providing valuable content, answering questions, or offering exclusive deals and promotions.

The key to successful crowd marketing is to build trust and credibility with the community. Brands need to show that they genuinely care about the needs and interests of the community members and are not simply trying to push a product or service. By building a relationship with the community, brands can create a loyal following and generate positive word-of-mouth buzz about their product or service.

Crowd marketing can be a highly effective strategy, especially for startups or small businesses with limited marketing budgets. By leveraging the power of social media and online communities, brands can generate buzz and awareness for their products or services without spending a lot of money on traditional advertising. However, it does require a significant investment of time and effort to build and maintain relationships with online communities.

From 20$

How it works?
1 Learning topics
2 We are preparing a technical task
3 We agree on content
4 Place content
5 We provide a report

Why does crowd marketing increase a site's position? +

Increasing the number of links increases the number of searches by search engines and as a result increases the TRUST – the index of trust of search engines to your site. As the Trust increases, the position of the site grows.

What comment to leave? +

At the very beginning of using the tool, we recommend leaving neutral thematic comments without any links or brand mentions. After increasing the number of comments on the forum from the user, you can comment on topics using references to the Brand, the name of services or products.

Is it possible to get a filter or search engine ban for it? +

It is extremely difficult to organize an explosion with the Crowd tool, which can be banned or a search engine filter imposed. But we do not recommend overdoing the number.

When to expect a result from Crowd? +

In practice, links posted on forums are indexed for 30-50 days. If at the end of this period the links do not appear in your link profile – then this forum does not bypass the search engine or the branches of the forum are closed from indexing.