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Case on promotion in YOUTUBE

Service: YouTube channel promotion

Topic: Money, financial literacy, investment.

The budget for all time promotion: 18000 UAH.

Region: Ukraine.

Previously collaborated with the client in the field of contextual advertising.



What goals are set

  • Gain target channel subscribers.


What were the initial indicators at the beginning of work

What was available at that time:

  • Main channel with links to FB, Instagram and Telegram;
  • 248,329 views (total);
  • 16 issues.

What did

It so happened that the client himself asked us to work on his project due to previous cooperation, which left positive impressions.

Since the start of the advertising campaign, the freelancer has been promoting the business with which the customer has decided to stop.

The channel went to us at the end of November. After analyzing the indicators, we came to the conclusion that the customer was right in the decision to take a new approach to promotion and to refuse the services of a freelancer.

That’s why:

The difference in views between the videos that were generated using the Google Ads tool was enormous.

Of the 16 commercials, only the first and the third commercials were actively advertised, and the first one had 215 thousand views, and the third one had 27 thousand out of the available 248 thousand, 97.5% of the spent advertising funds went out, which is 14 811 hryvnias, were spent only on roller.

The remaining clips had from 800 to 1300 views.

Work plan::

Having arranged a brainstorming session, we decided to set tasks in the following areas:

  1. Rational budget allocation.
    Daily on Google Ads allocated 200 hryvnia. It was necessary to pull up the lagging videos so that they had views with similar numbers. For example, so that all videos are with> 3000 views.

2. Contests.

For additional stimulation of subscriptions, every 2 months to organize a competition with a valuable prize.

3. Channel Optimization.

There are a large number of factors affecting the ranking of videos on YouTube. Here are some of them:

  • Video tags. This is a set of words that are written when creating a video. For example, if a video with a cake recipe, then the tags should be similar in meaning to the topic of the video.
  • The name of the video. The name should hook the person and convey the essence. The main thing is not too short, but not too long.
  • Description. It’s all clear. You can add links to other videos, website, social networks, etc.
  • Hashtags Analogy with instagram. A person drives an example and gives you a video for this request.
  • Subtitles. In Russian, generated automatically. Indispensable for viewers with hearing problems. You can also add other languages, but manually.


Setting up video ads on Google Ads

Our main goal is to show videos to people who watch similar content and want to subscribe. For relevant targeting, we selected:

  • 30 channels of similar subjects.
  • 75 keywords and phrases that reflect the essence of the content.


What else did:

  • Seeding video links and video sharing. networks.
  • Sowing comments on behalf of the channel from bloggers of the same audience, with a call to come in and see useful videos.


A great tool to attract subscribers. Played an e-book through FB. The conditions were simple:

  1. Subscribe to the channel;
  2. Put like a competitive post in the FB and the actual group;
  3. Put like the page of their company in FB.


Timecode. You may have noticed how bloggers, in long videos, pinned a message with a list of time codes by clicking on one of them you go to a certain point in the video (This is more convenience for subscribers, not optimization).


Presentation of results







As can be seen from the two graphs – the result is obvious. First of all, what is striking is the average view in minutes.

It was 2:10, it was five to six. More than 2.5 times.

Views have decreased, but the number of subscribers is greater.


What else can be done:

  • Order a successful preroll or integration from successful bloggers. Be sure to the same subject, so that Central Asia was similar.
  • Procurement in thematic groups FB and VK public advertising repost video.
  • When 2000 subscribers are typed, make a stream to create additional trust and activate word of mouth about the channel and useful content.



The most important thing is to aim at your target audience, after that, systematically move to a million subscribers)

Nastya Razdobreeva



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