Youtube promotion

Продвижение в Youtube

The goal of Youtube is to give everyone the opportunity to learn more about the world around and express themselves. YouTube is convinced that the world will become better if everyone can share their thoughts and everyone will listen to each other.

Video content, videos on Youtube and other video hosting sites are becoming increasingly important for business. Creation of video content and knowledge about its promotion should be one of the first places for business.

The work carried out by OURS agency in the framework of providing the channel promotion service on Youtube:

  • Channel and video optimization

  • External promotion

  • Contextual advertising

  • Analysis of results, conclusions and optimization of the direction of advancement

Promotion on Youtube is a comprehensive approach to your channel including: contextual advertising through Google Adwords, a list of requests for videos for promotion, internal and external methods for optimizing the video and your channel.

Our service includes external optimization – this is the placement of references to your channel and video on video hosting sites, trust resources and catalogs (video seeding). Further details on the items.

Channel and video optimization

  • Collection and analysis of similar thematic channels
  • Selecting key queries for the channel
  • Matching key queries for a video
  • Incorporation of special triggers into YouTube videos (events to attract attention) to increase the social activity of users (tags in headers, tips and end savers in the video)
  • Preparation and posting of the description in the video using time codes, for quick navigation on the video, links to social networks and the site

External promotion

  • Sowing videos on social networks, forums, boards, video hosting
  • Distribution of videos in the comments on thematic channels on Youtube
  • Crowd on forums (posting and communication in forum threads)

Contextual advertising

  • Google Ads Dashboard Integration
  • Launch InStream and Discovery ad campaigns
  • Youtube Channel Impression Optimization

Analysis of results, conclusions and optimization of the direction of advancement

Cost of services per month

  • Channel and video optimization – from 200 USD.
  • External promotion – from 200 USD.
  • Agency fee – 400 USD.
  • Budget Google Ads – from 400 USD.

Total per month for channel promotion services on YOUTUBE – from 800 USD (without budget to Google Ads).

From 800$

How it works?
1 Audit channel and video content
2 Selection of search queries
3 Channel and video optimization
4 External channel optimization
5 Analytics, reporting