How to increase the target audience by 84% on Facebook and 58 times on Instagram

кейс ведение Facebook и Instagram

The presence of the seller of services in social networks – is access to millions of buyers, the opportunity to get the promotion of their business, and have a mobile version. How to increase the number of subscribers of the manufacturer of glass constructions page, if before that the business was poorly represented in social networks? The OURS.AGENCY team shares its experience.

Customer: EraGlass.

Products – manufacture and installation of glass structures (facades, entrance groups, canopies, stairs, partitions, doors).

Service: Keeping Facebook and Instagram.

Region – Ukraine.

Audience: Kiev and Kiev region

Period of work: March 2018 – May 2019.

Budget for all time promotion: 194972 UAH.

Goal: increase target subscribers.

Objectives: development of the company’s content strategy on Facebook and Instagram, carrying out effective activity to attract attention to the company.

The project has long been in our development. The previous cooperation left a positive impression. The client himself turned to us with a request to work on promoting the company on Facebook and Instagram. Let’s see what results we have achieved.


How it all worked before: it is not known, the client collaborated with another performer. The organic coverage of the target audience was low, there was almost no involvement, there was no uniform publication schedule, there was no understanding of formats and branding. At that time there were 8387 subscribers.


So: 15470. That is, the audience has almost doubled.


What did for this:

  • Posting 3 times a week (2 informational, 1 selling);
  • Launched commercials;
  • Monthly held a contest (2 weeks).

Examples of posts on the Facebook page.



Glass facades of ERAGLASS

The trendsetters in the field of building technology for a long time were European and American cities. Glazed facades that have long been popular …

пост в Фейсбуке кейс


Stained Glass Alfonso Mucha

This stained glass window adorns the Catholic St. Vitus Cathedral in Prague. The author Alfonso Mucha, who is considered one of the greatest masters of art nouveau style.

Together with partners Eraglass companies E-posud and Sofilight played prizes: stylish sets of glasses, a garland, an LED lamp. The terms of the drawing included: likes of the publication and the pages of the company and partners; indication in the comments of the best friend (friend), who also participated in the competition. Delivery of prizes to the winner on the territory of Ukraine was carried out free of charge, and to other countries at the expense of the recipient.

Today’s Facebook page looks like this.


n March 2018 there were 233 subscribers. Now there are already 13648. Their number has increased 58 times.

диаграмма Instagram

What to do for this:

  • 1 post per week;
  • running contests.

Today the Instagram page looks like this.

Страница в инстаграмм для кейса

Link to the page: https://www.instagram.com/eraglassua/?hl=ru.

Overall result

As a result, we achieved the following results:

  • went to direct (10 – 15) purchase
  • leads appeared after we scored more than 10,000 subscribers in FB and Instagram

With targeted advertising, we get up to 200 leads per month, and 8 – 10 calls.

Achieving this goal helped us:

  • competent advertising setting;
  • high-quality and unique content;
  • synchronized work in both social networks.

The client trusted us and approved of our work, promptly prepared materials and provided all the information we needed.

Responsibility for the result is always on the performer, no matter what difficulties would appear on his way: you should always remain professional and solve the set tasks with the highest quality possible.

Nastya Razdobreeva



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