How we promoted a client with a spicy theme!

Service: SEO promotion, namely crowd marketing

Topics: Tantric massage, relaxation massage, erotic massages

Budget for the entire promotion period: $150

Region: Poland

Audience: 18+

Як ми просували клієнта з пікантною тематикою!

What goals were set before us?

With this client X, we started work from scratch, the topic is quite unusual, but it has its own peculiarities in promotion.

Our main and main task was to bring potential customers with the help of mentions on forums, catalogs, bulletin boards. In accordance with the main task, it became necessary to increase the number of mentions.

Crowd-marketingit is an opportunity to describe the service in the most profitable and presentable way to arouse interest in potential clients or customers.

The main thing in this method of promotion is gradualness! It was necessary to make the most qualitative and natural mentions in various search engines.

Які цілі були поставлені перед нами?

Crowd – marketing provides an opportunity to solve the following questions:

  1. Increase the trust of the site on the part of search engines
  2. Increase the growth of targeted traffic
  3. Increae the recognition of the organization / popularization of the area being promoted.
  4. Reputation management.

Placement of links using the crowd marketing method is a significant indicator of the site’s quality among search engines.

What was done?

Що було зроблено?

To promote this area of ​​services, we performed a number of the following actions:

  • Analyzed the topics of the field, their services and specifics.
  • Our next step was the selection of advertising platforms in the form of forums, catalogs, bulletin boards in accordance with the subject of placements.
  • As a mandatory step, before starting direct work with advertising sites, we check them for trustworthiness using the appropriate service.
  • Then there was the registration of profiles and accounts; filling with relevant information for promotion and future placement of links.

Promotion time was allocated for each advertising site.

  1. On bulletin boards and directories, the posting process was faster, as we could immediately create and post a message with relevant information and a mention of the site in the required branch or topic when registering a profile.
  2. On the forums, the posting process took much longer, because to begin with, it is necessary to pump up your profile for some time (usually two weeks) and leave neutral messages in various branches in order to prove yourself on the forum.
  3. Only after all the above actions, we started posting messages mentioning our client.

Of course, this method of promotion will not be 100% effective, so it is necessary to use crowd marketing in combination with eternal links.

What result did we get?

Який результат ми отримали?

With client X, we started to work fruitfully since July 2020 and are working until now. During this year of work on this project, we increased the number of visitors to the site by 4 times.

At the time of the start of our work on 01.07.2020, we had the following indicators:

  • 512 users who went to the page of our client X from referral sources (in our case – catalogs, bulletin boards, forums).

Який результат ми отримали?

During the period from 01.07.2020 to 01.07.2021 of our work, we received:

  • 1,789 new users, and the overall picture is 2,039 users for the entire time. In the screenshot below, we can see a decline in the month of December, which suggests that on the eve of the New Year holidays, the demand for the services of client X decreases, but since January, the demand increases again.


Який результат ми отримали?

The main task we set for ourselves and mentioned above was to bring potential customers to the page of our client X. We coped with the task, as the indicators show, and we continue to work on increasing users.

The main thing is to follow the developed work algorithm, use proven advertising platforms, and constantly leave mentions on bulletin boards, forums and catalogs.

Anastasia Tereshchenko



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