Legal Promotion Strategy

Service: SEO-promotion with payment for traffic.

Topic: legal services

The budget for all time promotion: 97158.36 UAH.

Region: Ukraine.

Our client asked to remain in this case unknown, so we will call him Anonymous.

We have known the client for over 6 years and we know the problems of entering a new law firm on the market directly from him.

The client initially set up advertising himself in the Google Adwords office and later turned to us for advice on setting up, tracking performance and doing SEO.

Кейс юридической фирмы от агентства OURS.

Whatever the problem, we first of all consider what we already have available, how it works, what channels are used. When we put together the big picture, you can then confidently make plans for further work with the site itself and its promotion.

Got site after development. The competition is very active and dynamic. The budget was chosen minimal. They took the link building strategy as a basis – this strategy is as secure as possible for the site.

What goals are set

  • Organic traffic growth
  • Conclusion of branded queries in the TOP 3
  • Conclusion in the TOP 10 by high-frequency queries

What were the initial indicators at the beginning of work

At the initial stage, the site was taken from scratch.

What did

  • Site audit to find technical errors
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Analysis of search engine queries using keyword collection
  • Formation of semantic core

Work inside

  • Technical bug fixes and SEO site optimization
  • Formatting and expanding the site structure
  • Filling the site with quality content

External promotion

  • Selection of quality donors
  • Placing branded, anchor and bezankorny links on donor sites
  • Placing branded, anchor and bezankorny links on the forums
  • Registration of the organization in catalogs
  • Building social signals in social networks


  • Refinement of the site design, making it more convenient, more understandable
  • Design of basic elements for use throughout the site for text design
  • Design development of feedback form “Order free consultation”
  • Creating additional sections

Providing results

In May 2018, site traffic was 685. In February, 2019, traffic increased to 2025.


The overall visibility of the site in organics began to grow (for all requests, not only for the monitored ones). The number of key phrases and traffic also increased.



As a result, the necessary requests came to the top:



At the moment, work continues on the promotion of the site, mainly external site optimization.


Nastya Razdobreeva



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