Crowd Marketing

Услуга Крауд Маркетинга от агентства OURS.

Crowd marketing is a trendy fashionable name for the old and not forgotten flood (communication) on the forums on various topics with screwing in various kinds of goods and services.

In fact, the goal of the crowd is the mass advertising of the desired object, by forming the opinions of members of the forum about it. The agency generates and manages tools, such as reviews, recommendations about a brand, service, resource, and so on.

Services posting references to the forums and maintaining communications in the branches. Crowd – from 10 references on forums – from 500 hryvnias (from 50 hryvnias 1 mention).

Placing the necessary information is very soft (only on thematic forums and other communities that were initially interested in the given topic). The crowd-marketing technique does not involve the placement of direct hyperlinks (although this is also possible). Campaigning is through the creation of motivation, mentioning the object of marketing and so on.

From 20$

How it works?
1 Learning topics
2 We are preparing a technical task
3 We agree on content
4 Place content
5 We provide a report