Website development on CMS WordPress

Разработка сайта на CMS Wordpress

Website development – first of all, answer the main questions: why do you need to spend money on the site and how much later are you willing to spend on maintenance, relevance and promotion of this project on the Internet?

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We thought, answered, found a balance, then forward to the thorny path of creating a site.

What our team offers as part of the site development service on WordPress (why WordPress will be explained below):

Why develop a site on a WordPress CMS

CMS WordPress is a freely distributed, publicly available, free content management system (CMS – content management system) has in its arsenal all the necessary modules to create an intuitive, secure and easy to use site. 43% of sites on the Internet are created on the basis CMS WordPress.

Description of the stages of the site development service on WordPress

    • Preparation of terms of reference

We can responsibly say that this is one of the most difficult stages. During the preparation of the terms of reference there is an awareness of the functionality of the future site, and it can be approached only by interacting with a client who already understands what he wants from the site. The result of this stage will be a document that will be part of the signed contract.

  • Designing the structure of the site

Based on the first stage of terms of reference by joint efforts, we design the structure and relationships of sections of the site.

  • Prototyping of site pages

This stage includes more technical work, which will result in the creation of a page layout with blocks arranged according to the accepted structure of the site, our vision and the feedback received from the client.

  • Design

Drawing a responsive pages design will begin with receiving or preparing the client’s corporate identity (brandbook), their visual perception wishes, and getting information about their preferences. This stage includes 2 examples of responsive design (desktop, mobile, tablet).

  • Layout

After the design is approved, its elements are transferred to the code for display in the user’s browser. This process is called design layout.

  • Programming

After the design layout, we start programming the elements to perform their functionality, according to the terms of reference for development.

  • Testing

The stage of testing the functionality, detecting errors and catching the gods of both the layout and the software part.

  • Delivery of the project

At this stage, the client accepts and the agency protects the developed site.

Nuances that can both speed up and significantly slow down the development stages:

  • When preparing a technical specification, we can collect all the “wishlist” and give recommendations for implementation, but the technical specification is prepared in order to comply with it and not make changes during the development process.
  • The page structure and prototypes will be agreed upon for future editing or integration with changes due to business expansion.
  • The design can have 2 options:
    • a unique design that will increase the cost of your site and extend the development time;
    • use template themes for development with customization, which will reduce development time and save nerves.
  • Layout and programming take a long time and effort and always require testing from all sides.

Questions that we will answer immediately at the dating stage:

  • We work under a contract, because what is not written does not exist.
  • All communication is conducted only by mail. Communication in instant messengers cannot be accepted for approval.it is used for prompt reminders or general questions.
  • For Structure, Prototypes, Design (unique) we use FIGMA

Website development-payment

Payment for site development is agreed in advance at the stage of preparing the technical specification.

  1. Payment for technical specification – fixed cost in 400$.
  2. Prepayment for the start of work on the structure, prototypes and design – 60%
  3. Postpay after submitting the project – 40%

Cost of WordPress Website Development Services (CMS WordPress) – from 1 200$.

To obtain initial information about your request, we have prepared a detailed BRIEF that will help us understand your business.

From 1 200$