10 life hacks to simplify your social media marketing strategy

life hacks

Facebook has 2.2 billion monthly active users. Instagram is the second largest social network. This is a great fishing pond for your target audience. Not using brand promotion on social networks – you risk hopelessly lagging behind competitors.

It is no longer a question whether social networks are a necessary marketing tool for a business. But, like any other form of marketing, creating a presence on social networks can be complicated and confusing. There will always be so many important matters and so little time to manage to do this productively.

However, there are ways to make group promotion in social networks simple SMM. Take advantage of tips that can help you save time and be more effective while achieving your goals.

State your goals and objectives


A clear plan is required! According to the study, you are 30% more likely to succeed if you plan your actions. Your social media aspirations should match your overall marketing efforts.

Write down your goals if you want to achieve them. Make them achievable and break them into small steps. Be specific in setting goals. Use numbers (e.g. reach 5000 followers on Instagram). Always set a deadline.

Focus on relationships

Life on social networks is people!

Life on social networks is people! The same as you and me! People who laugh, cry, get angry, go crazy, get married, get divorced, have children, lose family members, find work, lose their jobs, get promotions, look for clients, find new opportunities, have fun, play a lot and work hard are working.

Offer value and knowledge to people in your community with the goal of building a true relationship. Inspire your group to connect with you. It is all about them, not about you! If you do not make your target audience a top priority, you will not see results.

When you know your audience, you can understand how you are useful to them to become better. How can you help them learn? How will you help them move faster? Work more efficiently? Be smarter? Share valuable information with your colleagues, customers, partners and friends? Understand the answers to these questions and use them to come to the rescue.

Creating a lively active community in social networks solves several problems of your business at once: it improves the image of the company in the market, attracts a new audience, increases brand awareness, acquaints potential customers with your goods or services.

Focus on the right platforms

social networks

Social networks are not a numbers game, so it’s not about being active on the “magic number” of social networks. It is more important to activate on the right social channels, where your target audience is most active.

The point of social media marketing is to communicate with the best online audience. As with any business activity in which you invest, it is important to determine whether the social platforms you use are worth your time and effort.

Use the simple return on investment (ROI) principle to decide where to invest your money. Compare conversion rates across all your social media channels. Perform a parallel comparison of conversion rates and channel cost. Choose a social network with a high conversion rate and high ROI.

To speed up the process, hire a social media marketing expert to research your market and find out where else your audience is talking online. Then focus on the platform with the highest return on investment.

Take advantage of Facebook


With 2 billion users, Facebook is a must for most business people. It brought together an adult, modern, monetary audience – a fat jackpot for many companies.

Promotion on facebook should be carried out taking into account the following points:

  • correctly design the page;
  • start your own group;
  • publish quality content;
  • back up successful publications with advertising;
  • offer an interesting and useful product or service;
  • make the video part of your content strategy.

The video ad here gets the most out of it. Create a video or slide show with moving images using the platform tools – and the result will not be long in coming. Facebook groups can be a great place to chat with your ideal audience.

Instagram promotion

The network is very popular both among the younger generation and among people of mature age. Currently, about half a billion active clients are registered in the photo service.


Instagram today is:

  • monthly user activity – 1 billion;
  • half a million visits every day;
  • the number of adult users has increased several hundred times;
  • more than half of visitors use this platform daily;
  • about 70% of the audience make purchases using the photo service;
  • ratio – 55% of women and 44% of men;
  • published over 100 million messages daily;
  • every second, a million comments are left under publications;
  • every second likes.

The visual space is becoming increasingly crowded with brands struggling to attract more customers.

Reasons why people like this photo service:

  • mobility;
  • simplicity;
  • breadth of the international project.

Optimize your profile for promotion. Take advantage of Instagram Stories and its latest features. Consider starting a paid campaign.

Use social media management tools


An active audience is the “gold reserve” of any business. You can create it manually by carefully analyzing each account, or go to automatic promotion. Auto is better than manual promotion in attracting initiative users.

A suitable tool can help you simplify your platforms and see if they work for you. Using tracking, analytics, reporting mechanisms, and the ability to publish on multiple platforms at once, you can continue to stay relevant by responding to reviews and improving your products and services.

Despite the different functionalities, they have one common goal – to attract the target audience. This is done using hashtags, geolocation and other tools.

Invest in monitoring and advertising in social media, which will do most of the hard work for you, providing you with all the data and tools necessary to measure and analyze the effectiveness of the brand and campaign.

Content and its reuse


There is an old adage “work smarter, not harder”, which is true when it comes to social media marketing. Instead of publishing generic content that’s not relevant to your target audience, create interesting and useful content.

Different types of content work better with certain social media platforms. Keep in mind what you like to create and what works best for your brand. For example, Instagram is all about photos, so it might be the wrong choice if most of what you offer is text content.

Content curation is a good tool and can produce impressive results. Supervise content that people in your target niche like. Research will show that the same questions come up again and again. Make a list of them, and then create content that answers these questions.

Content is king

Use every piece of content that you create. Each piece of it should work hard for you. One of the best ways to ensure this is to reconfigure your content to other formats. Blog articles should always be repurposed into long and short posts on social networks. This is your low hanging fruit.

Each time you write a post, keep it in an accessible place. You will be amazed at how often you have the opportunity to reuse or reuse what you wrote.

Social networks are just the place where great posts become relevant again. For example, the shelf life of a tweet is not very long, so its reappearance hardly seems annoying to anyone. Sometimes, to edit successful content, you need to change the title or format (chart, infographic, slides, video, text, and many others). Get creative with your content.



Constantly post video content in all your groups on social networks. If you do not show the video, you are already catastrophically behind the competition. Visual content can act as a “gateway” to more valuable content. When planning visual content for publishing on social platforms, think about how it can drive traffic to your site, products, and services.

Optimize visual content with links. Redirect users to your YouTube channel or website by asking them to click the link in your social network account.

Use hashtags


Hashtags are needed to describe your content, as well as to increase the organic reach of your campaign on social networks. The amount varies depending on the site of the social network. For Facebook, use no more than one hashtag. There are enough couples on Twitter. On Instagram, use a minimum of 9, and so on to 30.

Not sure which hashtags to use? Hire a social media expert to find the most effective hashtags for your social media platform so that your content can be found.

Targeted advertising

Targeted advertising

While all companies continue to publish organic content on platforms where their customers “hang out”, you can make money on these platforms with targeted advertising. It will bring people from social platforms to your website or landing page.

And don’t be afraid to spend your advertising budget on driving traffic to your main content. Use all targeting options: behavioral, socio-psychographic, and geo-targeting.

All this (and many more different chips) is necessary for promotion in social networks to become successful for your business. This is the minimum to get the result. And we can do the maximum! Ours Agency is a team of creative marketers.