6 tips to help you grow your ad-free YouTube channel

6 tips to help you grow your ad-free YouTube channel

Video marketing is turning into one of the most effective methods of attracting the target audience. That’s why people publish direct video streams on social networks, and many companies invest in YouTube’s marketing strategy. Some doubt whether it’s worth developing on YouTube because they don’t know how to do it, or are afraid of the process itself. However, YouTube is universal and can be approached from different angles.

Does this mean that you need to start advertising on YouTube? No! There are other marketing tricks to promote your youtube channel for free. In many ways, having your own channel is more effective for marketing than actually placing ads.

youtube for business

YouTube is one of the largest and most popular websites in the world, giving companies a huge opportunity to reach a wider audience and get more results for their business. Despite the fact that more than 1.3 billion people watch 5 billion videos every day, 91% of small businesses do not use YouTube. Find out how you can promote your channel on this platform, which has relatively low competition on the Internet.

Before delving into the question of how to optimize your YouTube channel, let me first introduce you to some of the facts because of which you must have your own channel to publish videos regularly.

Why promote a YouTube channel?

Why promote a YouTube channel

People watch an incredible amount of videos every day. About 80% of Internet users watch YouTube videos. The total duration of views on this site is 3.25 billion hours per month. Almost 83% of businesses experience a positive return on video marketing investments.

Why is online video marketing so effective? When done professionally, video marketing can be very effective. Commercials can interest viewers by offering them very valuable content. People learn better when their senses are involved. Videos allow customers to see your product or service while listening to your marketing message.

Why is video marketing a great way to increase sales? The video can cause an immediate emotional response, which can lead to increased sales. To be most effective, any internet marketing strategy must take advantage of this powerful platform.

The video on You Tube can cause an immediate emotional response

Here are just a few reasons why you should start learning YouTube marketing tricks today:

  • Attracting a wider audience.

The YouTube search engine is powerful because it belongs to Google. YouTube uses its own search algorithm when sharing videos on Google. This means that people can find your videos in the search results of both platforms.

  • Increasing brand loyalty.

Creating a motivated audience can significantly increase loyalty among the target consumer. Improved video marketing is rapidly increasing youtube views, sales and leads.

  • Easily share on multiple social networks.

When you create a video on YouTube, you can share it with other social sites with the click of a button. You can post it on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

  • Video is easy to embed in site content.

A great way to improve the retention of visitors to your site is to add additional video. Many will watch a channel that gives you a better chance of getting in touch with them.

  • Expands cooperation opportunities.

As you gain popularity, it is much easier for you to find a common language with other brands or influential people. This collaboration can quickly expand the reach of an audience that simply does not know about your existence on the platform.

When people search for videos on the Internet, YouTube is the first place they get to. YouTube is a free hosting service that makes your business easier. It also gives your business a face and shows people the way towards your site.

YouTube is a powerful business tool

YouTube is a powerful business tool. This can help introduce your brand to potential customers, communicate with existing customers, and even serve as an internal communication channel.

After all these compelling facts, you will miss a great opportunity if you ignore the potential of YouTube.

So how do you free your channel and get decent attention?

how to promote free YouTube channel

If you already have a channel, you should make sure that it is fully optimized to maximize the potential of YouTube. Here are 6 best ways to do this.

  1. Make your channel visually appealing and structured
Make your channel visually appealing and structured

Create an attractive design and add important features such as your business logo, channel design, channel description, social media buttons, email address and a link to the official website or blog.

Be sure to select or download a video for your channel that best represents you. Promo is a video designed to introduce your channel to new viewers. It will automatically play whenever an unsigned viewer visits your channel, so you have the opportunity to receive it!

promos and playlists on You Tube

Create playlists on your channel. Make it easy to navigate your channel using playlists to classify the different videos that are on your channel.

Using playlists can extend the viewing time for viewers on your channel, increasing the total number of views. Why? Because at the end of each video, You Tube will automatically play the next video in the list. This is a good way to prevent competitors from showing videos when your video ends.

Playlists are also a great tool that makes it easier for viewers to find videos related to a similar topic in which they are interested, and they create a convenient environment for your viewers.

2. Keep your channel updated and interact with your audience.

Keep your channel updated and interact with your audience.

Keep your channel active by regularly uploading new videos and updating content. YouTube allows you to comment on your videos and your channel. Respond to these comments in a timely manner to improve your channel reach and encourage fans to return.

Use clear calls to action to guide viewers to the next desired step. Tell viewers what to do next, whether you want them to sign up, visit your website, share content, or make a purchase.

3. Optimize your videos for keyword rankings

optimize youtube channel

Choosing the right keywords is not only important for attracting YouTube users, but it can also affect your ranking on Google search. So make your videos available on YouTube and beyond by focusing on the title, description, and tags.

keywords in the description for a video on YouTube

Make sure your relevant keywords appear in the first words of your headline. Be as vivid and rich in keywords as possible and try to use the word “video” in the description. And be sure to include any and all related keywords in the tag field.

4. Promote your YouTube channel across multiple networks

Promote your YouTube channel across multiple networks

Each time you upload a new video to YouTube, you create a content resource that needs to be properly promoted to your social media profiles. Put a link to your channel there. You can also send the video to your mailing list, paste it into your blog posts and on your website.

Allow users to post it on social networks. Enable video distribution, and encourage embedding. Your audience is capable of doing some of the work! You must double check the distribution parameters of your channel and make sure that you enable embedding video.

embed YouTube videos

If customers, bloggers, business owners, or other viewers like your video, they may want to share it with other people. Allowing people to embed your videos means they can add your content to their site, blog, or YouTube channel. This is an effective way to attract the attention of a new audience.

5. Mobile Optimization

Mobile Optimization

Your audience expects a lot of experience, no matter how they decide to interact with your content, so you should be prepared to present your video marketing campaigns on all mobile devices. When creating videos, always remember the small screen so that there are no small objects or messages that are difficult to see.

6. Track, analyze and measure

YouTube analytics

YouTube offers free, detailed analytics on its platform, where you can track the performance of your channel and video using the latest metrics and reports in YouTube Analytics.

YouTube analytics is a gold mine of information that you can use to not only get more views, but also turn these impressions into subscribers, leads and sales.

YouTube analytics is a gold mine

Thus, in order to have a successful video marketing strategy, you need to analyze your video productivity metrics. A lot of data is available. You will see an overview along with reports in three main categories:

  • earnings;
  • viewing time (including audience retention, demographics, traffic sources, devices …);
  • engagement (including followers, likes, comments …).

YouTube’s popularity is staggering, and video marketing is an exciting task. That’s why a well-optimized channel with interesting video content can significantly increase your audience and will allow you to take its rightful place in the second most popular search engine in the world.

Start youtube promotion

What are you waiting for? Start youtube promotion! Use these 6 recommendations right now and see how they affect YouTube rankings. Have you noticed a jump in the number of views on YouTube after using them? Let us know in the comments below! If you do not have time to do this, then use the professional services of Ours Agency.