Why do you need to configure contextual advertising


Creating your own online business needs good support from webmasters. Information about your products or services will be communicated to people with their help. The development of contextual advertising suggests that it will attract as many customers as possible to the site. Again, there are so many options for targeting by context, so it is wise to consult with a company like Ours Agency. In fact, you can personally harm your campaign by incorrectly placing and setting up contextual advertising.

What is contextual advertising on the Internet


Contextual advertising is targeted advertising, which is usually placed on a banner or pop-up advertisement on a website. Content advertising systems target it to a specific user based on keywords on a page. Search engine advertising is also a form of contextual targeting, since ads appearing in search engine results are based on the keywords it uses.

Simply put, contextual targeting allows an advertiser to place ads on web pages that are in “context” for a keyword or a specific set of keywords in a publisher’s article. Ads and keywords are set by the advertiser and then displayed in real time, algorithmically based on how relevant the ad is to the web page containing these keywords by measuring the number of clicks. The more relevant an ad is, the more often it appears on the web.

The goal of contextual advertising is to show your ads in the right place, at the right time and to useful people. Showing advertisements to an audience viewing content that echoes the products or services you offer, significantly increases the conversion percentage and ensures your income grows.

How to create a working contextual advertising

contextual advertising

The advertisement is first tested for compliance with the general rules of advertising. It then starts and will appear to users when the search query matches the keyword phrase from your ad. If the ad is attractive to the target audience, then it will go to your site. If the website itself, the prices and quality of the offered product or service are like and meet the customer’s needs, it is unlikely that he will return to the search engine again. Well, if this happens, then you should think about the analysis of your site and products.

3 main errors of the advertiser

  • Incorrect use of keywords.

This very often leads to disastrous consequences. When targeting by context, there is a broad match to your phrase or keywords. Advertising network determines the relevance. The fact that you have chosen the word “weapon” does not mean that your ads will appear on inventory sites. In addition, a large number of words in a key phrase often lead to negative results. You have to be quick-witted and creative when you come up with your contextual cocktail, or these tool advertisements may turn up on a gun control blog.

  • Use of irrelevant landing pages.
landing pages

Landing pages have the same meaning for the relevance of your campaign, as well as your keywords, and the entire advertising text itself. Sending each click on contextual advertising to your home page, rather than to a landing page with a rich context, can destroy the success of your campaign. Remember that algorithms control how often your ads are viewed. A bad landing page that causes quick disappointment kills a contextual advertising campaign each time.

  • Use soft advertising.
call to action

The beauty of contextual advertising in its specificity. Too often, campaigns become “too cute” with their contextual advertising and actually lose context. Specificity, the use of keywords in advertising and powerful calls to action create the optimal combination. It requires a lot of mental work, care and creativity to do everything right.

To correctly use contextual advertising, you need to create very specific ads for certain groups of keywords leading to the pages of the site. This maximizes user relevance, which in turn increases clicks, conversions and ROI.

Setting up contextual advertising

contextual advertising

Ours Agency will customize your advertising campaigns for paid advertising of the two main search engines Google and Yandex.

The setting is as follows:

  • Analyzing an existing advertising account or creating a new one;
  • Defining campaign goals and budget;
  • Formation of the campaign structure;
  • Analysis of semantics and creation of advertising content;
  • Targeting setting;
  • Analysis of the effectiveness of contextual advertising and the adequacy of expected results;
  • Adjustment of the advertising campaign.

Our company has extensive experience in placing contextual advertising. For each client, we prepare an optimal set of keywords and phrases in order to maximize the target audience, making the most attractive ads. Our work is publicly available, so you can track not only the effectiveness of the entire campaign, but also each keyword.