YouTube Adds 5 Features for Creators

YouTube promotion is a new idea for video creators and gives them more control over advertising and distribution.

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YouTube is adding five new features for video creators to offer even more information about viewers, as well as greater control over advertising and video distribution.

New features include:

  • Evergreen analytics video
  • Popular hashtags
  • AdSense blocking elements
  • Bulk editing of video distribution
  • Check out the monetization icons for Studio Mobile

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Evergreen video analytics

YouTube gives authors of video content access to information about “evergreen” videos. Stinks are also seen as videos, as if they were popular for a good hour.

Evergreen’s video analytics was first presented as an experiment to help the authors improve the monthly analysis of the effectiveness of the channel.

Following positive feedback from the participants in the test group, it will now expand to all authors.

Popular hashtags

YouTube recently launched trending hashtags in the distribution of follow-up, to help viewers, as they are popular at the same time, and to increase awareness about hashtags in general.

For authors of content, hashtags can also be a blue collar for highlighting what is popular on YouTube. Tse rozuminnya can point directly to future videos.

How does YouTube define popular hashtags?

YouTube chooses and chooses hashtags to showcase the most popular media growth, and then chooses more of them from different categories, such as movies, games, and sports. This feature is only available for domestic mobile devices in the United States.

AdSense blocking elements

For authors who claim the right to display ads, YouTube enforces elements of protection against AdSense blocking. Tse sobi, for help, what the author says, what specific voicings, or you don’t want to show voicing on your channel.

This feature was previously only available for YouTube Partner Program channels. Rich Channel Partner Networks (MCNs) are now blocking access to AdSense blocking controls. With regard to controls, MCNs can make editorial decisions about the types of advertising that appear on their channel.

Bulk editing of video distribution

YouTube recently launched automatic chapters for newly uploaded videos, which has received positive feedback so far.

YouTube is now expanding automatic chapters to all videos. As before, creators are automatically opted into this.

For those who don’t want to enable this feature on their channel, YouTube is making it easier to edit the chapters of a large number of videos at the same time.

To do this YouTube is adding the option to allow or disallow chapters via bulk editing in the upload list. You can also turn off chapters in the upload flow or metadata editor, or for all future uploads in the uploads defaults.

Keep in mind that even if automatic chapters are allowed on all video, they’re only going to show on a small number of them. It depends on whether the algorithm can detect chapters and determine if they’re a good fit for the content itself.

Creators always have the option to manually add their own chapters as well.

Appeal Yellow Icons on YouTube Studio Mobile

YouTube is rolling out the ability for creators to appeal yellow icons via the Studio Mobile app, instead of solely via desktop.

This is another update for creators in the YouTube Partner Program. A yellow icon refers to a video receiving little to no monetization privileges, which is less desirable than a green icon that grants full privileges.

Put simply, creators make more money when a video is fully monetized instead of partially monetized. There’s an option to appeal yellow icons if creators believe their video deserved a green icon.

Now, creators can submit appeals via the YouTube Studio Mobile app which can help with getting ads back up and running as soon as possible.

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