10 fatal mistakes in AdWords that can bankrupt you, and how to fix them

10 фатальных ошибок в AdWords

Google AdWords is one of the best paid services used to attract potential customers, sales and business development. However, most business owners spend thousands of hryvnias, or even dollars a month, due to the incompetent management of the advertising budget. A poorly tuned campaign can easily be shown to the wrong people, or be buried under the pressure of competitors. This article presents the typical mistakes that businessmen make when setting up their advertising campaigns, and tips on how to avoid them in order to maximize the use of Google Adwords.

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1.Ignoring research

Не проводите исследование

Proper research is the key to starting any paid marketing campaign. The most important and basic first step for an Adwords advertiser is to understand the market. Here, a fundamental study of your market and Google AdWords features is highly recommended. This will give you a better understanding of your target audience and the type of advertising you should show.

If you’re doing e-commerce and want to increase sales, you need to use Google Analytics and Tag Manager. They not only monitor and analyze the behavior of visitors and measure the return on investment, but can also reduce advertising costs.

2. Incorrect keywords and their inefficient use

Использование групп объявлений

Keyword research is the heart and soul of the Google Ads campaign, especially for search ads. Thus, it’s useful to correctly evaluate your keywords before entering them into an advertising campaign. Keywords should be such that they bring conversions, not just clicks. It’s important to make sure that you understand the type of your campaign, whether it’s a product or content, in order to manage your set of keywords.

Break your keywords into small groups and use the right combination of keyword matching types (broad, phrase, or exact) to optimize your campaign. Make sure you have at least 3 ads per group. But of course, this strategy will depend on what you want, traffic, impressions or conversion.

3. Forgot to link your account with CRM tools

связать аккаунт с инструментом CRM

The myth that the relationship management system, designed only for your customers, is destroyed. CRM has many other uses and benefits. It is no longer intended only for large organizations with a huge consumer database. It is also widely used by medium and small companies. Most tools are designed so that they can meet the requirements of almost any type of business.

CRM allows you to:

  • improve customer satisfaction;
  • improve customer retention and revenue;
  • polish internal communication;
  • optimize marketing;
  • receive valuable information.

You can see the exact sales figures that are generated by each individual keyword. Get the opportunity to promote the most effective, and pause those that lead potential customers, but do not convert them into sales.

4. Don’t value your brand keywords

Не цените свои фирменные ключевые слова

Corporate keywords are search queries that include the name of your brand or company. Positioning is important if your goal is to improve branding. You should not ignore your own brand when conducting advertising campaigns.

Yes, you need to show ads using your brand name. If your business is gradually achieving its goals, and after some time people find out about it, then they will search for you on Google by the name of your company. This strategy is most successful when you feel that users searching for your brand have a strong sense of loyalty to your brand.

5. Use only part of the ad extensions

Используете только часть рекламных расширений

Using the full range of ad extensions greatly improves the performance of Google ads. They allow the created advertising to occupy high places on the search engine results page. Unfortunately, many marketers use only a few of them, instead of the whole kit, which really consists of 10 different extensions, including:

  • price;
  • promotion;
  • affiliate location;
  • app;
  • sitelink;
  • callout;
  • structured snippet;
  • location;
  • call;
  • message.

To increase clicks by 20%, just go to the extensions tab and enable them.

6. Don’t use the negative keywords feature

минус слова в контекстной рекламе

Negative keywords are easy to forget until they cost you money on irrelevant searches. These are specific keywords and phrases from a search query for which you don’t want to show your ad. They prohibit highly inappropriate requests that result in unqualified leads.

In Google AdWords, negative keywords are the most important factor because they save a lot of money. Use the set of negative keywords you need to include when creating any new campaign. You also need to determine which ones will be blocked at the ad group and campaign level.

7. Do not be afraid of experiments

обновление контента

Testing using an alternative set of settings can evaluate your advertising activity. This is possible through AdWords experimentation, which allows advertisers to make changes without changing the existing campaign.

The Experiments feature is a great way to run a controlled test. She can explore all the elements, such as the bidding mechanism or even landing pages.

8. Missed remarketing

Упустили из виду ремаркетинг

Remarketing is an advertising practice used to reach visitors who have already visited your site but have not yet been converted to buyers.

Many marketers today insist on using remarketing, but only a few of them are making efforts to properly optimize and actually move advertising to make it more effective. Adwords contextual advertising is most effective with a detailed indication of a successful display location.

9. Braked without automation

Как автоматизировать продажи

Google Ads is a leader in developing solutions for automating and optimizing ads. They continue to introduce new tools that help marketers automate their PPC and display advertising efforts. While key decisions are best made by managers. Google’s internal automation functions for new ads open up new targeting options, increasing ad performance, optimizing bid strategies, and more.

Most advanced AdWords advertisers realize that some aspects of their optimization strategies cannot be automated. They select the ones they need for the automation functions, and then make manual changes when necessary.

10. Make sure you have a call to action

Убедитесь, что у вас есть призыв

Paid search marketing will work if your ad post has a call to action. But sometimes people on the Internet do not understand you. And you simply want to say: “Do you know what? Just call or email me, or we are open 24 hours. “

Be very precise in your calls so that the person does the right thing when he sees your ad. Explain to them clearly your desire. That is all you have to do.

This list has no end. These are just some of the most common mistakes that Google Ads users usually make during their marketing campaigns. Others include misspelled keywords, hacked and redirected landing pages, and even non-competition tracking.

Be sure to avoid them at all costs, otherwise you risk losing valuable and potential customers, not to mention spending a lot of resources on a campaign that was doomed from the very beginning. Although a properly optimized plan can work wonders for any marketing campaign, a bad one can quickly turn into an expensive nightmare.

дорогостоящий кошмар

You set aside a decent budget to promote your business with Google ads and didn’t get the desired sales. Not happy with the performance of Google AdWords? Do your paid marketing campaigns not give the desired sales? Are you planning to opt out of using AdWords?

Wait! It may happen that your team simply makes common mistakes in managing your Google AdWords account. Therefore, in order to avoid a recurrence of the disaster in the future, care must be taken to eliminate them.

And if you are not aware of innovations on the platform? Or do not have time to master all the new functions and strategies? Contact us for help.