Internet site advertising

Интернет реклама сайта

You have spent a lot of time creating an amazing site. You may have the best product in the world, but without effective Internet advertising a site no one will know about it. The fact that you launched your site does not mean that everyone will come to it. There are more than 1 billion websites in the world and new ones are created every second. But your work deserves to stand out on the general background. And that means you have to advertise! Struggle to get your name and your brand, as well as attract visitors to your site.

But there is a certain gravitational force that acts on all websites, pulling them down in search engine rankings, since they are being replaced by newer, more recent, more successfully promoted sites.

If you want to challenge this natural power, you will need a promotion plan, many tricky tricks, and the concerted efforts of an entire web development team. Most of these tactics will take considerable time. Our advertising agency will do it for you.

Internet advertising

Интернет реклама

This is a marketing strategy, the purpose of which is to arouse and maintain the interest of the target audience, and the result is to gain popularity. The variety of options makes it efficient and flexible.

The main types of network advertising:

  • Banners. Display advertising – promotion in social networks, on forums, bulletin boards. Excellent inform the audience. Effectively report a new brand, product, service, and promotions.
  • Texts. Press releases and articles of popular media and thematic sites.
  • Contextual advertising. An effective and fast way to promote your site.
  • Email marketing. Used to create a customer base. Nothing to do with spam, since the distribution is carried out only to those who voluntarily agreed to receive messages.


The first advertising banner on the Internet.


In 1994, the American communications company AT & T adapted the above advertisement. This is the first banner advertising in the world. The place where the ad was placed is HotWired, the predecessor of Wired. In other words, the news sites of the World Wide Web users revealed the history of Internet advertising.

The so-called click-through rate (CTR), in which users clicked on banner ads, was 44%. Since then, the clickthrough rate on advertising banners has steadily declined and currently averages 0.1%. The average number of monthly advertising banners that users see through web surfing is 1707. However, it is more likely that the user will survive a plane crash than click on an advertising banner. Simply put, the effect of banner advertising is unknown.



Write a text that shouts “Share me!”. Your content is the most important part of your site, and it should stand out among others offering the same or similar product. Medium, mediocre content is not good enough.

You need unmistakable, compelling content that will not only make you more reliable and trustworthy, but also turn into viral and give you quality backlinks. In fact, the success of all strategies for the promotion of web sites depends on the quality of your content. If it is not unique, interesting or of high quality, visitors simply will not visit your site and share information about you.

Promoting your website with traditional SEO is one of the best ways to get natural traffic and a higher ranking. Keywords should be added to the heading, subheadings, content and meta description. They are also included in the image header tag and alt tag.

Contextual advertising


This is a great targeting method advertisers use when they want their advertising to be visible to the right audience. These ads are selected by various automated systems to target the user to content that may be of interest to him. This form of marketing works by scanning the content of the site for specific keywords in order to properly deliver relevant advertising to a web page. They can be displayed on a web page, on various banners or even in pop-up windows.

Delivering the right message to the right person at the right time means that the person can find something that they are interested in, and the brand has more chances to make a sale. Contextual advertising is one of the most popular and cost-effective types of online advertising, a quick way to create sales and target market for online business.

Email marketing


Any email that initiates a purchase decision is email marketing. This includes advertising, coupons, newsletters. Emails can be created and delivered much faster than traditional printed mailings. They are less intrusive and much more effective than telephone sales campaigns. Finally, emails allow brands to reach a large audience.

Thus, marketers identify e-mail as the single most effective channel for promoting awareness, acquisition, conversion and retention. Unlike advertising banners related to web browsing, each email reaches its destination.

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