Reviews for business – less than 1% of customers leave their reviews

Reviews for business

New research into brand feedback shows just how small a vocal minority it is that leave reviews for businesses.

Apptentive research shows that most brands hear from less than 1% of their customers.

Customers rarely leave feedback in any form. Moreover, when they do tend to leave feedback, they often face a time-consuming process.

Because brands don’t take the initiative in their efforts to gather feedback in an unobtrusive way, they end up hearing only from their smallest and loudest group of customers.

Therefore, if brands think they are building solutions based on the feedback of the majority of customers, they are often mistaken.

Research from Apptentive divided minority groups into two categories: high-risk customers and VIP customers.

Here is the difference between the two groups:

  • At increased risk: These are customers who were forced to leave a review based on a bad experience.
  • VIP: These are regular customers who are actively engaged in business and regularly purchase goods or services.

Researchers note that they still remain less than 1% of the client base.

The most dangerous decision a brand can make is to act on feedback (reviews for businesses) that doesn’t accurately reflect the majority of its customers.

A large part of the brand’s customer base, approximately 99%, falls into the “silent majority” category.

How to get reviews for business from the silent majority

Research shows that 51% of consumers expect companies to contact them for feedback through the following channels:

  • E. address
  • Phone
  • In the shop
  • Online
  • In the application

About 64% of customers would prefer to leave a review in the application.

In fact, they are eager to do so, as 98% of respondents said they would likely answer a question in the app.

So the bottom line is that the first way to get customer feedback is to ask for it.

If you wait for customers to leave feedback themselves, chances are you’ll only hear from a vocal minority.