Transition to the Ukrainian language – adaptation to the legislation of Ukraine

Адаптация сайта к законодательству Украины Переклад сайту на українську мову transition to the Ukrainian language

The transition to the Ukrainian language from January 2021 for service facilities (online stores, restaurants and cafes, gyms, etc.) is one of the norms Of the Law “On ensuring the functioning of the Ukrainian language as the state language”.

Our team has prepared a comprehensive proposal for the translation and adaptation of your site to the laws of Ukraine.

Goals and objectives that we solve as part of the adaptation of the site

  1. Checking the possibility of transition to the Ukrainian language
  2. Check for an SSL certificate for the domain name
  3. Connect an SSL certificate for a domain name
  4. Translation of site content into Ukrainian
  5. Translation and adaptation of metadata Title, Description
  6. Adjusting the main page of the site to the requirements of the legislation of Ukraine

Works within the framework of providing the service “Translation of the site into Ukrainian”

  • Analysis of the site, hosting and domain registrar
  • Match the number of pages to translate
  • Signing a contract and receiving a prepayment
  • Getting access to the admin panel of the site, hosting, domain
  • Making changes to adapt the site to the legislation of Ukraine

The cost of translating the site, making changes and adaptations consists of a fixed and a variable part.

Fixed part – technical changes in the analysis, preparation and refinement is 100$.

Variable part depends on the number of pages and content on your site. On average, for a one-page site, the variable part is equal to 20$, based on the amount of text from 2000 to 4000 characters without spaces on the page.

The transition of the site to the Ukrainian language is also necessary for advertising promotion, such services as contextual advertising in Google Ads and Yandex Direct, targeted advertising on social networks and the entire spectrum of Digital in the Ukrainian market.

The total cost of translation and adaptation for a one-page site is from 120$.

From 120$

How does it work?
1 Site analysis
2 Reconciliation of details
3 Signing the agreement
4 Receiving prepayment
5 Making changes